Thursday, May 1, 2014

Is the world going in a bad direction?

Nope. Not at all. Sure the economy is all screwed up. There are wars and political problems going on. Conspiracies happen and masses are used as farm animals. Cost of living goes up and people are barely earning enough. Rich get richer and poor get poorer. Tension and depression becomes major problems and people have lots of psychological illnesses. People get into great debts to go to a university and even after being a top student doesn’t get anything better than a middle-upper class life. There is a huge competition for jobs and students are working their asses off to get good results and sacrifices all their joys just to get a good job and lead a life without financial difficulties. Is there anything wrong with this? Nope. Not at all.

                                                                        These things are totally awesome and full of opportunities if you perceive it in the right way. I mean what’s wrong with these things? Hurricanes and tornados happen. Floods and other natural disasters happen. So what? It’s just natural phenomena. But these things happening in the society are far better than this. People bring these things upon themselves due to their wrong way of perception. The very moment you stop doing everything that others do; you free yourself from all the above problems.

                                                                        You may be living with the Human 1.0 like me and forced to study and be a good man/woman with a good education and a good job. You have to understand that this way of living is what makes people live so miserably. Stop engaging in things which you are told to do. The things you are supposed to do are the things which are supposed to make you a slave. Don’t be a slave and realize that these slaves have no masters. They are public property. They are opportunity. They are your fortune.

                                                                                                The only thing you have to live a millionaire life is to adapt to the phenomena happening around you and bring forth your talents. Let’s say you are good at writing novels. Then direct your efforts at writing good stories and publishing them. Only do your studies or jobs barely enough to prevent them from becoming bigger obstacles.

                                    People are so gung-ho about following instructions and keeping their talents and desires suppressed. So you have really low competition. Everyone wants to have their lives stuck in a job and do their job well so that they won’t get fired. Most of the people are not interested in doing things for themselves. Start doing things you love and good at doing. Remember that Psy became a top singer because of a dumb dance which he was good at. Many people might have thought of similar dances but everyone were busy in their troubled busy lives considering their ideas as worthless unimportant stuff.

                                                                        All the stuff happening with the world are neither good nor bad.It’s just a matter of perception. Masses are so enthusiastic about ruining their lives and putting them in desperate situations. There is no real competition in the world for you. If you adapt yourself, your life is gonna be totally awesome. No need to fight this utterly F@<kd up system. It’s just the people screwing with themselves. So you don’t even have to be awesome. Just the normal you can be an awesome millionaire and if you are really awesome, you will definitely be a billionaire in two decades.