Sunday, June 29, 2014

Meditation doesn’t give you anything

Meditation only takes things away from you. It takes away things like tension, depression, fear, herd instinct, self-victimization, the need to be controlled and manipulated by someone/something, sadness and misery, jealousy, self-pity and everything that holds you down. Meditation takes away what it means to be human. Meditation is the evolution. It is the evolution of letting go of the miserable human condition and becoming more pure and holly.
                             Humans do not possess much of a need to evolve physically. The evolution is a psychological one. The psychological level of the individual is what defines the place he/she has. The people known as illuminati or by some other name can control the masses because they are on a higher state. It’s not different from humans who control cattle/horses/elephants. What makes humans superior is their state of mind. People get controlled simply because they have a lower state of mind. The people who have evolved psychologically know how these Human1.0 ticks and they can manipulate these lower level beings just like riding a horse.
                                                  The horse can overthrow the human riding on him at any given moment. But it never goes against the will of the human unless it is faced with great odds or gets handled by a bad rider. What separates these two mentalities of the rider and the horse is the restrictions they have in their minds. From a physical standpoint, it should be almost impossible for a horse to be slaved by a human. But in reality, it is almost impossible for a rider to lose control over the horse. It is completely normal and natural for few people to make the whole world dance on their palms. It is the nature of things.

                       What inverts the impossible things is the letting go of restrictions. The human who rides the horse doesn’t consider it to be impossible. But the horse considers it to be impossible to live without being obedient to the rider. I’ve seen horses tied to chairs. Trust me when I say that these horses stand still and never even tries to move away.
                                                                                                All the restrictions in your mind are holding you back. When you are always trying to live within boundaries, you get easily controlled. You can never be a millionaire as long as you have the mentality that says “I can never be a millionaire”. Meditation cleanses you by ridding yourself from all the kinds of delusional restrictions. It happens because; in meditation you realize the true nature of all the rules about the world. Those rules have no value. A boogie man is only real as long as we think it is real. Meditation will lead you to this realization.
                                                                                                Through meditation you will realize that you are not obliged to feel anything when something happen in your life. You will only feel sad as long as you think (delude) that you have to feel sad and miserable. Meditation will help you realize that there are no rules stopping you from becoming a billionaire. Meditation will help you realize that you don’t have to follow a certain way and there are no strings attached to you.

                             If you are some dumbass who is meditating to deal with psychological problems none of this will happen. Real meditation has 2 parts: Samatha and Vipassana. Samatha is improving your focusing skills and calming your mind. Vipassana is using that psychological development to see through all delusions/illusions. All you have to do is observe and realize. When you realize that you don’t have to act like a miserable human being, you stop being human; you start being godlike. Then you can decide whether to mind your own business and live your life to the fullest or to be a rider who deals with some lowly creatures.