Saturday, June 28, 2014

Out of ideas?_Idea sprint

If you are doing something that needs creativity, you might come to a point where you run out of ideas. Having an idea overload will help you a lot. It take some time to get a hang of these things. Even with so many ideas in your head you might not be able to bring up something that suites the moment in an instance. This is where you have to take an "idea sprint". This is best used with an idea overload but can be also used as a quick method to come up with something avant-gard in a desperate situation.
                                                                 Idea sprint is a bit like a controlled version of ADHD. What you have to do is pick anything in your surrounding or anything that comes into your mind and go for a big dip in a maze of thoughts. An average person thinks about 50 000 things per day. If utilized correctly, you can have ideas that can change your whole life on a daily basis. Don't worry. This won't give you ADHD. In an idea sprint you keep your thoughts in check and observe them. It's like tuning an old radio. You keep changing the channel until you find the one you need and sync with it.
                                          Let your mind go out of control and observe it well. When you see that it's on the right track, stop your sprint and get into flow with the idea you picked. This helps immensely in crucial situations. Here is why: you pick something that is physically/mentally close to the context you are in. If you want an idea on marketing strategies, you are more likely to think about something that can be related to marketing. What you have to do is stay alert and connect the dots. Whenever you think that you can connect few dots go ahead and do it
                                                                   The ideas you would come up with will look pretty much different from the average mediocre thing. Don't give up on those ideas. Try to enhance and perfect them. This is the most outstanding feature of an idea sprint. Not only you would come up with solutions in a short time, you will also find those ideas to be very very eccentric. This eccentric nature of ideas can turn the tables for you over and over again in a short period of time. What comes out of idea sprints are unexpected and unpredictable. No one can counter your strategies if you go for regular idea sprints.
                                           If you had few successful sprints, start taking more dips in your thoughts. Intentionally put yourself in unpredictable and demanding situations and polish your skills. You will feel great about you and regular idea sprints will boost your confidence by large amounts while fading away your tension, depression and fear.
                                                                             Let your thoughts run amok while keeping the leash on your hand. Learn to connect dots and create things unimaginable. Don't find solutions within your tiny framed world. Explore the unknown and find ways to turn the tables.........and keep on doing it