Thursday, July 10, 2014

Bake the noodle:6_Design yourself

A talented goldsmith takes a piece of gold and re-design it into a priceless work of art. A great composer takes some random sounds/noises and arrange them in a way that they would become an excellent piece of divine music. A programmer uses a bunch of words as codes to make a software that flips the world upside down. A Gardner transforms an average land into a heavenly garden. So why can't you do the same with yourself???

Don't let yourself remain an average piece of crap. You have to create art with your own existence. Stop liking yourself. Don't cherish it. Treat yourself like a garden or a source code of a software. If there is a way you like yourself to be...then just be it. Learn to engineer yourself. Stay self-centered and keep your mind in check. Why the heck would you let yourself to be defined. It doesn't even matter even if you already have a one. A goldsmith will melt down the not so valuable piece of gold and redefine it into something priceless. If you have ever wished yourself to be in a certain way why don't you be your own designer and do the customization. 

Make your existence a work of art; an ever refreshing marvel of your own creativity: not an empty treasure chest.

PS: The marvel is just the starting line. If your existence is a marvel, then you can get yourself into the real and addictive "fun stuff". Just getting into Olympics and sweeping all the medals are two very different things.