Sunday, July 13, 2014

Tips for your evolution 2

Put aside what you have learnt. Don’t throw them away. They are useful for other things. What you have learnt will frame your skills, freedom and abilities. Each time someone got famous, rich and legendary it happened because something they did which was “out of the book”. Windows was not what it meant to be an OS. Many authors became popular because they did something that couldn’t fit into the definition of a book.

That’s just the beginning. The truth is things in the reality don’t follow the book. Reality isn’t predictable. It cannot be put into algorithms or equations. Universal methods eat away lots of time. In real life we deal with data and information with values. You don’t get V for velocity, T for tension, R for range kind of inputs. In general usage using methods in the book such as equations takes 2-30 times more time and effort. It’s most 2-5 times most of the time.

If you put aside your knowledge and deal with the actual context you can always find more efficient methods. You can always get better results with greater speed and fewer resources. 

Things don’t end here. You can also stay few steps ahead of the people who do things by the book. You will be at least 250% more efficient than them in every single thing and no one will ever catch up to you. Here is why asked you not to throw away the stuff that you have learned. If you know the stuff in the book and can do hell a lot better, you know when those “by the book” strategies would slow down or fail. You can turn this to your advantage and you can even play with those idiots who follow what they learned since they are completely predictable and most importantly they can’t predict you since you are someone who gets into the zone and handle things in your own way (the most efficient way) instead of the universal method.