Sunday, July 13, 2014

Tips for your evolution 3

Study bullshit. Not much. But learning a bit of worthless crap can prove to be immensely helpful. This is related to learning from other people’s ignorance and paying attention to failure stories. Use 5%-20% of your research time on studying the bullshit related to what you do. The optimal amount of bullshit you have to learn depends on the work you do. You’ll have to experiment and figure out how much time you want to invest in these loads of crap.

The importance of this is you get a clear idea about the things you have to avoid. If you observe other people, you can also get an idea about their limits and abilities. Knowing this can boost your game plan. You’ll also know when to react and when it’s optimal to execute your plans. When you know a forest filled with traps and horrors like the back of your hand, you can get there with some people and it’s guaranteed that you’ll be completely intact when others bite the dust. You’d actually be counting fingers and licking your lips till the next economic disaster or downfall of your field of work.

Yep. That is the most important thing and the best thing about learning bullshit. All the stuff taught in school and college are just some crap and they will give people a smooth straight highway to a certain point and put a massive diamond  roadblock. You have to be free from all limits. Then study these limits. You’ll find many ways to use the environment which promotes this bullshit to enhance your results. The best thing is that other’s worst nightmares will become your playground. You’ll advance like pro in the heydays. You’ll keep the same pace in the worst possible times and might even do better. I know this might seem way over the top. But I also know this to be a fact.