Monday, August 18, 2014

Dream Big???Why!!!

Why do you need to dream big? Is it necessary? Should you really think about the size of your dreams? Isn’t that you trying to compete or prove yourself? It means that the society matters to you. Well isn’t that pathetic… to shoulder huge dreams and working hard to make them a reality. Being somebody (or a bigbody) is indeed better than being nobody. But is it what you want. I’m not asking about what you want when you are faced with the whole goddamn society. I’m asking what you want when you are truly a lone individual who is blind to the fact that the society exists.

                                                                   If you don’t know, take some time to be alone. I don’t mean some pathetic crap like crawling into the “Fortress of Solitude” which happens when someone is a complete pussy and wants to run away from the world. What do you feel like doing when you are relaxed and alone with yourself like a lonely god? What do you feel like doing when every single thing related to the society, culture and people is gone away from you mind? Those are your true dreams. Those are the dreams that are neither big nor small. Those are the dreams that are defined by who you are and that alone. Those are the dreams that are almost incomprehensible for anyone but you.

                                      Make these true dreams a reality. Then only you would enjoy your work to the fullest. If you start working hard to be a billionaire and ends up as a one, it would be awesome. But it’s also a very inefficient way to be felt awesome because you paid a price to achieve that. When you have a big dream, you have to work hard for it. When you have your dream, just living in your way is sufficient to make it a reality.

                                                          This might seem kind of off for some people who delude that life is all about having a big dream and achieving it to leave a mark and be a legend.  Life does not have a purpose. The world is your Disneyland (or Wonderland/Matrix if you like it that way). Becoming another Disney character has no value for you. The rest of the world will be amused, but amusing others is not the best way to have your fun. Just go out there and have your fun. Do the things you enjoy. They don’t have to be things that others consider as big or epic.

                                                          Just like the Matrix or Disneyland, the reality is nil. There is only cause and effect. That’s all about the world. Understanding the cause and effect will enable you to handle absolutely anything. I’m pretty serious on this. I basically handle problems that are highly difficult for even skilled psychologists, as if they are pre-school/ primary school questions. If you are living in a Matrix why should you leave it to stimulate your nerves with signals of shit tasting food when you can feed your brain a more entertaining reality? Understand the ways of the human kind to be absolutely valueless. Don’t be pathetic enough to show off a value in you. Just enjoy yourself with the world. Transcend the deluded rules and have fun with the world. Do what you love and your dreams will become a reality with no effort.