Monday, August 18, 2014

The problem itself is the Answer

For the most of the everyday problems that is. By “everyday” I mean everything that does not have much of philosophical/psychological/Quantum physical depth. As long as you don’t go to a deep level to talk about the nature of consciousness or the nature of reality, it doesn’t take me any effort or time to answer all your questions. Giving solutions to people’s sufferings is as easy as eating my meals. I’m gonna do something hard. I’m gonna give you some tips to do it on your own.

                  This is one of the simplest things you are ever going to learn. Humans are extremely good at complicating things. Your image will be completely shattered when you become able to apply my techniques in real life. So expect yourself a metamorphosis. You’ll feel like you are strangling yourself to death for some time. If you are already not a person who enjoys this experience, this will be suffocating until you are completely transformed into instantaneous problem solver.

                              The foundation is the theory of everything which is considered too little to be everything. Causality: That’s all you need to know. Flush away everything else. I really mean everything you have ever learned about handling your life, dealing with problems, finding solutions and etc. {Told you this could be a suffocating experience} that’s it. Yep, that’s all of it. You have to cleanse yourself from all knowledge you have acquired through your entire life tome and stop acquiring knowledge itself.

                                                If you are ready to accept causality as the only real thing, you are ready to go for the applications.  Think about a balance. There is side A and side B. When A is down, B is up. When A is not pushed down, B is not up. Don’t perceive a problem as a conflict or anything like that. It’s just some causes creating some effect. You have to improve your ability to see through what meets the eye and know things for what they truly are (this happens in multiple be ready to go further.)

                              When you perceive the “problem” as mere cause and effect, you are ready to edit, utilize or remove it. Trust me. You can actually do those things with a “problem” as soon as you change your approach. More on that later. If you know what causes the problem, by default you know that the absence of the causes removes the problem and changes of the causes shifts the nature of what it (problem) is and the problem might even end up as a nifty tool.

                                                Next time you face a problem, do not deal with it. Do not suppress it; Just toy with it. All that matters is cause and effect. Any miracle can happen and will happen as long as there is something to cause it. The first step is simplification everything. (The correct phrase is stopping the act of complicating things.) Next, you just get used to changing the codes/building blocks/causes. Then you know for sure that a “problem” is just an interpretation of your mind just like a mirage. The “problem” is just a chunk of cause and effect. Change the causes as you please and what pleases you will happen. It truly feels comforting to be the god of your own.