Sunday, August 3, 2014

Master RE-invention

If you came up with a great idea, that’s awesome. But in this world it is almost impossible to be completely genuine and even when you are genuine you might fail hard. As I’ve said before, what matters is the impact. Be the one to popularize something and you’ll do excellently well. You can make a really good impact with a lot less effort if you can master the art of re-invention.

                                                            If you have read my idea overload and know about infesting ideas, you can pull this off without much effort (If you haven’t done it already). Let’s see what this is about. Go see the Japanese culture. Notice something? It’s an awesome cocktail. You name it – they have it. Yet it’s all so Japanese; not western or Indian or something like that. Many western things have been re-invented in japan. Take animation for an example. A person who is totally into Japanese anime might hate western animation…… with a passion. Look at the Nintendo Wii. It’s actually a game console and nothing like the Xbox. Look at Japanese games. Just compare GTA, CoD with Final Fantasy, Metal Gear Solid and Kingdom Hearts.

                                                                                                See what I’m trying to say? It’s all about interpreting it in your own way. Study the Japanese culture and see how Japanese it is even though it is so much covered in western ways. Japs are not the only ones who are good at this.  If you haven’t already guessed, it is the Apple Inc. Take anything with an “I” on it. Just look at iPhone. It took the world by a storm. What did it do… well it just re-defined what a mobile phone was meant to be. Steve Jobs didn’t come up with the iPad; Bill gates did and nobody really cared. Jobs made the concept of a tablet PC a global hit. He made a great impact with it. Tablet PC is now becoming the standard PC. Do your own research and you’ll find a ton of such examples.

                                                Re-invention is quite simple. Just ask “what do I want to do with it?”. If there is something you want to do but can’t, then you can re-invent the product. Someone wanted to take pictures using the mobile phone and re-invented what a mobile phone is. Now every single mobile phone has got a camera. This is how you re-invent. All the source material is already there. All you have to do is get creative and combine them to make what you want. This won’t make you a Tesla. But it will definitely make you a star and you’ll be coming up with great inventions quite often.

                                                                                                Remember that this can be done in any field. If you are writing a book, think of some awesome story which didn’t went in the direction you wanted it to go. You can re-model it with your own ideas and make your own version in the way you like it. Infesting ideas was all about keeping your infrastructure and using per-created superstructures. Re-invention is about implementing your superstructure on other’s work to create impact with your own signature. Everybody is talking about the iMac, Windows, iPad, Amazon Kindle, Google and Ford. Nobody talks about the first to invent it. People care about what it does to their lives. Shake their lives and that’ll make you a legend.

If it’s already done: not your problem. Just do it again in a way that it would be more awesome and worth spending time on. Ask what you want and make sure that your invention can do it. You can always find more audience if you do it differently and above all this is the easiest way to be a great inventor