Sunday, August 3, 2014

Bake the noodle:11_The Moon job

Even the worst mobile phone you can get on your hands is a lot more powerful than the computer that was used in Apollo 11 and other moon landing projects. Just think about what you are doing with your PC which is a million times better... You know the rest of the speech. Pretty much a cliche, right? What you can really learn is missing from every form of thins advice or whatever. Just think about the amount of resources used for the the user interface of your computer. Do you think that the above advice or whatever has any meaning? It's just some flashy numbers some hyperactive idiots throw at you. The Moon job is not about some numbers regarding the processing speed or memory. It's all about application. 

Just think about the ways you can use the same thing for different purposes. Huge multi-million dollar projects have been canceled because of some mice. If you put the same few mice in your neighbors house, it would only create some annoyance worth few hundred dollars at most. Numbers really don't say much when you use them at different contexts. What you need to ask is "How and where am I gonna apply the force?". Even some of the stuff in the watchdogs game are actually possible. But you'll have to change your approach.

Do you think that you can go to moon with your laptop or smartphone? The increased performance won't give you much of an advantage. A good assassin would kill with a pencil even if he looses his throwing knives. You might not even make it even with the best equipment. Why? Does the stats have anything to do with it? Again think about this: would there be anything called PCs popular on this planet if the operating systems didn't eat away a several times of Moon job resources? Revolutions do not happen because of the stats. They happen because of the right application in the context. Have you ever thought that efficiency lies in numbers? Then what about the possibility of the best driver dying because of a 0.1 second long distraction. Just take your time and think about the contexts instead of some numbers. That's where you will be able to exploit perfection.

Just think about what you want... Is it the highest amount of receiving from the lowest investment??? What do you want to be??... Some Manager?... or a Chief? Here is another something to work your mind on. You can learn immensely from the most worthless things if you get the right approach. You can make the marvels that everyone overlooks because they are always checking stats. Work your mind and bake the noodle. There are so much of qualitative data that everyone make sure that they overlook :-)