Friday, July 25, 2014

Always be ready to go beyond

Be open-minded and always be ready to take few more steps. Don’t be like “I’m fine with who I am”. It’s even worse if you think worry about what would happen to everything you have held on to. If you feed your ego you’ll always be stuck. You have to let go of who you are and move on. Sticking to your beliefs, mindset, habits, ideologies…… is like sticking to your old Pentium 4 PC because you used It for so many years.
Don’t be so pathetic. Even if you are doing well already, you can always do it better. It may take some time to get better, but it’ll worth all that time. It’s hard to take a Quantum leap. But the ones who went for it became legends. You are using your smart phone/PC because some inventors went for something better than vacuum tubes. Don’t stay at the same place refining things. Take a leap.

                                                            If you are ready for a huge shift in your life, someone can come and actually help you since you’re not blocking him/her out. If you have talked to a guy with a lot of depression you should know that pro tips are not gonna help him/her because of his/her own rejection of help. If the person is attached to the depressed state you can’t give him the shortcut to be totally free from tension and depression.

                                                                                                Always look for a way to evolve and move forward. I have a bunch of tips and tricks here. Psycho-Engineering, Self-delusioning and other advanced tips are for people who are always willing to let go of their image and transform into something better. Be open-minded and always explore for new and better ways. Come to realization through your experiences. If you want to help someone to get really awesome and next level, make them open minded. It will take time. But it is the only way. If you are not the all enlightened all happy all calm all fearless person, you have to stop being you and be that perfect person. It could be too much for one step. But you can always make it in small steps of shifting into something better than the current “you”.