Sunday, September 14, 2014

Bake the noodle 20: Acknowledgement of Pain

Think you have some kind of a pain. Pinch yourself if you want to. Now try to understand the pain. Acknowledge the pain instead of running away from it. Focus on your pain. What happens? You should notice that your pain is disappearing. Why? The more you go to the center of the pain, the less pain you feel. Maybe you should go to the center of your sufferings instead of going out to find some comfort. What is pain anyway? Physical pain is a mere communication mechanism. It’s a way of making yourself notice that your body is in trouble. When you notice and accept the fact, the pain is no more. Pain is just some data. When you grasp it well you wouldn’t really react; would you?

What are your problems? Aren’t they just phenomena that communicate that you are not doing the right thing? To do the right thing don’t you have to completely accept your sufferings? I don’t mean some pathetic crap like surrendering. I simply mean shouldn't you accept the fact that you are letting yourself get f@<ed up? First of all go to the very center of suffering. I mean is there any other place to fully understand the sufferings (eve the trivial ones) other than the exploration of the very existence of sufferings? When you know the causes of your suffering you also know the absence of those causes will make the sufferings cease to exist. Do not overcomplicate things and bury the fundamental reasons for our sufferings even deeper. Shouldn't you just uncover the reasons>>accept them for what they are and make the cease to exist?