Monday, September 15, 2014

??? 1

A child got kidnapped recently.
The kidnapped child was found a while ago.

A girl was gang raped.
The rapists were sentenced to death.
Why do you scream: “That’s what should happen to those scum” ???

The rich is getting richer
The poor is getting poorer.
And…what? Can’t you just pick a side or leave both the sides???

The world is going in a bad direction.
There is no way we can fix it.
So…. what’s the point of talking about what you can’t do anything about; except for talking+thinking???

The world is full of problems.
It’s like a mountain sized tangled cotton ball.
Who the f@<k asked you to untangle it???

I’m bored of this shit. So I’ll ask your opinion about these data and reactions to those data. Stuff happens. But aren’t you the one who interpret them and perceive them into their assigned values??? Don’t the problems you embrace into your consciousness indicate how f@<ked up you are from the inside??? Do the problems exist beyond your thought that they exist??? Why the f@<k are you clinging onto that thought then??? Can’t you just realize that the world getting f@<ked up or not is none of your f@<king concerns???

The world is your Disneyland. Do not f@<k with it. Do not get f@<ked because of it.