Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Bake the noodle:16_Data

You perceive data. All your sensory input is data. Isn’t reality just something that is created by processing/interpreting data? All your perceptions including thoughts are perceived as data. Take some time and stay still…stay focused. Do you perceive anything other than a complex and intricate flow of data? Isn’t your reality the processed information that comes out of this data?

Can’t you just change the way you process them? Can’t you change what becomes your reality? Most importantly, how would you deal with your information (reality)??? What are your actions? Aren’t they just interactions with the flow of data? Don’t your actions change the flow of data? Why do you act and cause things that would be perceived as agony, sorrow, tension and etc.? Why can’t you just treat your life as you interacting with data? Why can’t you take control of your actions and create what you desire as your reality? Why would you bring upon unnecessary crap on your head by being affected and controlled by the flow of data? Why don’t you just take care of your reality?