Sunday, September 14, 2014


Your limits and restrictions can end up getting really useful if you start using them properly. You don’t have to embrace the limits. It’s not a good thing to do. But you can’t always deal with the limits you have. When you have those limits you can improve this thing called maximum efficiency. When faced with restrictions, many scums try to deal with what they’ve got and be satisfied with what they have. That’s pathetic. Instead try to get what you want with the resources you have. You may not get the exact awesome output you desire. But you’ll end up with something close to what you desire. Most importantly you’ll know to get the best out of every single thing and when you have enough resources, you’ll be doing hell a lot more than what you should be able to accomplish.

                                                Think about Japanese CGI movies. Try Appleseed movies, Resident Evil movies and such. They are done with like 10% the budget of a Hollywood animated movie. Many times I feel those Japanese movies to be a lot better than the Hollywood movies. If you carefully observe some of those movies, you’ll notice what they have done. They are pretty nifty tricks and they work like a charm when elevating the standards of the movie. After that you’ll feel like many Hollywood movies are just showing off their budget instead of using them properly.

                   When you face restrictions re-do your plans. Focus on your efficiency. Find the best ways to do things. I have improved a lot of skills by using a 512kbps net connection. I’m more efficient than anybody I know when it comes to using internet resources. When you face with you limits; don’t embrace them. Never even think about managing with what you have and as something pragmatic. Wishing for a miracle to happen is dumb and retarded. Being realistic is planning for a miracle. f@<k the stats. Let you work do all the f@<king. Always look for ways to get what you want done with what you have got. That’s what they did in the Moonjob