Monday, September 1, 2014

Bake the noodle:13_Letting Go of letting go

When you let go of things ultimately you’ll have to let go of letting go. Or is it the very point of letting go? You don’t become; you simply be. So could there be multiple stages? If you give a f@<k about not giving a f@<k, what the f@<K are you doing? Is letting go an action done with effort? Does it require any energy to let go? Would it be a complete let go if you hold onto letting go? Letting go should be something about leaving everything including all extremes and set definitions……right?

Isn't that all about transcendence? If letting go is not an action what would cause you to let go? Shouldn't that be the visionary understanding, deep insight or simply put: wisdom? Not giving a f@<k is one of the most trickiest things to get hold of. How could you define it? How could you achieve it? Well, that’s one of the impossible things to do. Only transcendence will let you know it. To be more accurate, abandoning the definitions itself is the transcendence.