Monday, September 1, 2014

Getting personal

I’m gonna talk about something personal about me for the first time on this blog. I’m a person who doesn’t really get pissed off. I’m a do not create any conflict and love all sentience kind of a person. But I do get pissed off once in a blue moon and when I do I behave a lot like Makishima Shougo. Yes, that is how I look when I’m totally pissed. Remember what happened at his first encounter with Tsunemori Akane. When I’m totally pissed my psycho-pass hit zero. Makishima is a person who is highly annoyed by the ways of the world and that’s what might become of me if I get too cornered.

                                                Those who have watched Psycho-Pass should now get a feeling that this post is not really out of the place. I won’t put any scenes from the anime since it’s all a load of spoilers. Watch the anime. It’s one of the greatest anime ever made and also one of my favs. If you haven’t watched the anime, skip the first half of the post.

                                                                                                Most of you should be like WTF???!!! That’s not how you’ve known an angry person. When people get pissed off they don’t get calmer and calmer…BULLSHIT!!! Who the f@<k are you to define a person’s reactions to an emotion?? You can only define yourself. An idiosyncratic highly rational person would only get calmer by anger because it is the most efficient way of doing anything. There are people who can see the very source of a problem/annoyance and only think about removing it ASAP when they are in pissed off mood. Makishima is annoyed by the ways of the society and decides to wipe out the very foundation of the nation because he wants to live his ordinary relaxed life. Makishima himself says that he is just an ordinary man.

                                      These are the ones you shouldn’t cross. All your definitions related to understanding a person will collapse here. A person might look naïve because he/she is getting into a very thoughtful and disconnected mood when faced with odds. This is when you turn tail and run cuz there is no way for you to know how/why when you hit the floor out of blue. It’s not just anger; the same thing can happen with any emotion. When you get personal you must leave all your knowledge about feelings and etc.

                                                                   There are many occasions where psychiatrists fail or end up giving one of the worst solutions to the problem. If you go by the book you will suck. Any case will be easy if you set definitions on the spot. You are not talking to a mass produced robot. True that the Human 1.0s act as one of models which can be used to control them. But when you really get personal, things get more subtle with anyone. Getting to know a person is different from getting to know what is necessary to use him/her as a puppet.

                             Psycho-Engineers can design who they are. They can design the most convenient response patterns for themselves. I haven’t showed a significant amount of anger in years. But I’m not done removing it from my design. The only rational strategy is the above mentioned one of removing the source that stimulates the chain of events that leads to anger until being able to change the very response to that specific chain of events. Anybody thought of that small patch? It’s simple and small but can be very dangerous to mess with.

                                                          Similar things can be said about other responses such as sorrow, happiness, sarcasm, sincerity……..So stop trying to look at people from your crappy pathetic frame. You can never know a person to the depth without understanding his/her unique design of “self”. It’s a completely different code. Treat every single person’s responses as unique because that’s what they are. You start to get personal with a blank face like Neo (Matrix). You let them do the expression and understand it. Abandon your territory and step into his/her territory. If you are trying to understand a application written in Java with your knowledge of VB you will face many boundaries and hell a lot of misinterpretations.

When you get personal with someone you are not the one who is extracting info as many deludes it to be. You are the one who is exposing yourself to all new set of codes. Explore and enjoy; like Zen. Don’t try to fit things up and define personality types. That’s just a load of crap. You only explore people. An explorer doesn’t stay inside his garden and doesn’t try to change the places he explores. He let them be what they are enjoys his time and expands his horizons of understanding.