Monday, September 1, 2014

Bake the noodle:14_Prioritize

Can you f@<k all the men/women in the world? Can you watch all the sci-fi movies in the world? Can you play all the games in the world? Can you read all the books in the world? These are just the small things. Can you read everything about Quantum Mechanics? Can you read all the game reviews or business magazines? The amount of information of our civilization is growing in an accelerating speed. Not just the amount of bullshit but also the amount of good stuff is increasing drastically? So shouldn’t you prioritize everything and keep high standards?

Shouldn’t you be someone who simply filters out virtually anything? Is there any way to live a relaxed life of awesomeness? If there are 10-20 hot girls/boys shouldn’t you pick the one or two that is best for you? If you watch 10 movies a week shouldn’t you be picking up the 10 that you might love the most? If you don’t want to get drowned, start prioritizing things. High level prioritizing isn’t about saying: ok, how good is it? It’s about saying: NO, why would I do it? Most of the time you wouldn’t get a proper “why”, but when you do get a proper reason……wouldn’t that be the best of the best in the huge chunk of varieties around you?