Monday, September 1, 2014

Bake the noodle:15_Why Bake the noodle?

I can just lay it all in front of you. Why do I dust lay around the tips and ask you to figure it out? If I give enough insight you’ll get a grip of things if you are a regular visitor (or a smart newcomer) Why do I put you through a journey that is relatively more time consuming? I always talk about maximum efficiency, right? Is there any other reason for me to do this apart from the obvious reason of costing me less time and effort? I’ll say that it’s more efficient for you too. Now think how?

You already know the heuristic nature of me and its efficiency. It’s true that you come to the same point after a long time. You are smart enough to realize it for yourself if I just give you a lot of insight. But do you feel any difference after baking the noodle for some time? When you are in the mood for thinking on your own, what are the things that you would realize? What would happen to your skills and reasoning abilities? Wouldn’t you get into other tracks on your way and realize things on some bonus topics? How much would you transform on your way? Wouldn’t you get into the habit of thinking? Wouldn’t you explore what I have missed? Wouldn’t you have your own insight?