Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Your own philosophy

You need a one of your own. If you don’t already in need of a one you’ll be in need of one very soon if you keep reading my blog and bake your noodle. There is a limit to most of the philosopher’s range. Most of these so called philosophers are very much mediocre. You’ll soon be better than them. Generally a philosophy is like a tribe. Tribes have a small reach. There are very few who have even had a glimpse of enlightenment. Many big names will have few nice quotes and points. But that’ll be it.

                                        You don’t become a philosopher by reading philosophy. You can’t learn philosophy. To me philosophy and Quantum Mechanics are one and the same. It’s all about understanding the nature of things. You can’t properly understand a maze by being inside of it. You have to transcend it and look at it from an all seeing POV. Then only you can understand it. When you do it on your own you’ll see many philosophers to be flawed in their revelations. Philosophy isn’t something worthy of much attention. What you should focus on his creating one of your own.

                                                                        I stumbled upon Heraclitus: The Fire and the Flux article and felt sorry for this philosopher. He had picked a right path and had walked it in a completely wrong way. Try reading it and find out how far you can go better than this childish philosopher.

                                 You have to do your best to destroy the very ideologies of yourself. Then only you can remove all boundaries and restrictions. A philosophy leads the way to enlightenment and freedom. A philosophy is an aid to let go of everything that limits you; not another thing to hold onto.

                                                        True enlightenment comes from self-realization. Build your philosophy through your own realizations. Truth is truth, but it can be seen in many different ways. You’ll even discover many ways of seeing it. You’ll stumble upon philosophy. Bake the noodle on them and re-invent them for yourself, fix their flaws and ditch the bullshit ideologies of the dumb people who became popular in the same way the politicians did. Don’t go after philosophy. Through your visionary thinking, you’ll be creating your own one.