Sunday, August 31, 2014


Don’t judge a book by its cover! Now come on… The cover is a part of the book. The paint is a part of the car. The uniform is a part of that person’s life. Some food tastes better simply because of their wrapper. Once the Ig Nobel prize was given for finding out that knowing the drug has a higher price give better results. Let me tell you the story. They got 2 groups and gave them the same drug. One party was told that the drug has an average price (I don’t remember the exact price). For the other party, a several times higher price was quoted. Their perception of the drug changed everything. The second party showed better results. Having a higher price or better wrapper makes the food better. Better cover makes the book more enjoyable.

                                                The tricky part is the equilibrium. If the cover shows more than what is in the book, the book will feel worse than what it actually is. The wrapper is a catalyst. The wrapper should prepare the audience for what they are in. it helps people to get into the work. You should know how the minds of your audience work. If they pay a higher price, they will spend more time licking and sucking all the juices and ultimately enjoy the food to its fullest. The psychological catalyst of thinking that priced food tastes better will further enhance the results. But remember that this only works when you actually have good food.

                                                                             This wrapper theory goes for anything from dog food to greatest philosophical work of all time. When teaching their understanding to the world, Jesus completely sucked and Buddha succeeded marvelously. The main thing is the approach. The next thing is the wrapper which is also very much related to the approach. Do some research and find the differences between how Jesus gave out his teachings and how Buddha did.

                             The interaction between the reader and the author doesn’t start on the first chapter. It starts on the very first sight of the book. The wrapper is a mode of communication. If you wrap up a movie in a bad advertising campaign, the movie will suck at box office. How good the wrapper is, is something that depends on the mindset of the targeted audience. Speak to your audience in every single way you can. Look at this blog. Various fonts, font sizes and font colors have been used. There is also a background image if a wave. Look at the favicon. Look at the colors. Look at the layout. There isn’t even a way or a specific style of posting. All posts are unique in their own ways. See anything related to the content of the blog?

                                                          The appearance itself speaks for this blog. You already have a feeling of what you are gonna get before even start reading. You are prepared and you are never disappointed because in your mind, you are already waiting for what you get. If you go to Seth’s blog or gr3yh0und-kirakami blog, you get a feeling about the content. It’s all the same font, mostly short posts, strong and summarized points… you see all the content even before you actually start reading.

                                      Don’t be an idiot who is only concerned about the content. If you don’t intend to keep it for yourself, wrap it up and put on a shelf. Make people interested. Don’t waste your time telling how good you/ your work is and what they would get if they come in. let them see it. Let them see exactly what they would like in the way they would like. Then they will get into your work. Then you can entertain/inspire or even transform them. The caterpillar has to go into the cocoon to become a butterfly. Don’t force it to happen in the open. Take your audience in. The wrapper is what attracts the people. So wrap well before anything. Know your equilibrium. Don’t do over wrapping. Don’t just put a name on the cover and publish the book. Give enough teasers and prepare the audience for the journey you have in store.