Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Quotes of the week: lotus_flic

 v Almost all the time the so-called contradictions and dichotomies don’t even exist. Sometimes, the dichotomies are nothing but each other.

 v When you are thinking about something to say, how could you ever say something as long as you don’t’ cease trying to think of something to say.

 v When you try to hit, you have a possibility between 0%-100% to land a hit. When you just hit instead of trying, stats never matter. All possibilities can be screwed with as long as they exist, but decisions cannot be screwed with.

 v McDonald’s and KFC never ruin your health. It’s you who always does that. McDonald’s /KFC are just interfaces for your madness.

 v God wouldn’t kill Satan not because God is all goodie goodie, but because it’s easier to prove that he is the good guy when Satan is around. Maybe the superhero-psychos in Marvel/DC universes are marvelously rational when it comes to “thou shalt not kill the villains”