Thursday, September 18, 2014


So you are not living an all happy life. So what should you do? Study hard and go to college and finally find a good job so that you can afford to live a good life with a good house, a good BMW/Benz and a fine husband/wife…??/ Now come on. Is that it? Why would you work hard to accomplish your parent’s or loved one’s dream of you becoming a good respected citizen like a lecturer, engineer, surgeon or a manager of some company. That’s pathetic. Why?...just look forward and look far. See anything??

                                    You’ll see yourself working hard managing a business or doing surgeries. Think about a committed surgeon who works hard even sleeplessly and earn a good respect and a good chunk of money. Now think about the owner of the hospital who doesn’t do a single thing and earn because of the hardworking surgeon. The world is for the smart ones; not for the hardworking douchebag. Why would you work hard so that you would work hard in your future to? As the greatest creation is a creator, the greatest effort is the effort that ceases all efforts for all eternity.

                                                                                    Don’t waste your time chasing the society’s goals and dumb ambitions. They will ruin your potential awesomeness. Something is indeed better than nothing but loosing greatness for just “something” is pure pathetic and idiotic. Don’t be an idiot.Find about the great personalities and super rich people. Many started at places way below your standards. Some were just low class laborers pulling weights before owning hundreds of millions. Most of them did it through their own effort. Most of them were not unique awesome minds like Tesla or Einstein. They were just average people who had nothing left to do but to succeed. But you are continuously clinging onto an obstacle called “the path to a happy life”. Working for a hobby is happiness. But working for living is patheticness. Many people ended up as millionaires because they happened to lose the grip of the path for your happy life with a 50,000-100,000 dollar car and other stuff that goes along the same patheticness and ended up with multimillion dollar cars and houses and most importantly: a life that they don’t have to work to live happily ever after.