Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Real Heroes and Retarded Crap

The martyrs are the ones who get revered and celebrated most of the time. Just think about Hercules, Solid Snake, Raiden (from Metal Gear), Batman…………what a long list. It pretty much covers most of the iconic superheroes and all the other heroic characters. It’s also the same with real characters such as Mandela. People just can’t stop worshiping , admiring and idealizing these people who got their hands covered in shit in the name of other people.

                                Why would you revere these people so much? What’s so awesome about Hercules or Batman??? I mean just think about someone like Zeus or Neo (in matrix). Those are real hero stuff. Being a hero or an idol is not about getting drenched in miser and agony to accomplish the great. Being a hero is not about what is shown in the Dark Knight Triology or Watchmen. It’s more like what’s shown in matrix. Actually Neo is very similar to what I expected how a hero should be since I was in pre-school. My childhood hero image of myself was the combination (not mixture) of Neo + The Architect. You can also add oracle for the combination (this was just 4 year old ME’s idea of a hero.)

                                                                Read this post about helping friends. Being a hero is about helping others. The absolute best way to help others is making them ale help themselves at any given moment. Being a hero is the closest thing to god and the farthest from Jesus. Being a hero is about not being in any trouble or agony and helping others to put away their troubles. I don’t carry the weight of the people’s sufferings and do what I can to help them. I don’t have any tension/depression and I’m happy all the time. When I see someone who is screwed up, I just laugh and say: man you suck! Here, this is what to be awesome like me; Try it.

I don’t give a f@<k about your miseries. I don’t have them and I know what makes you “not have them”. I’ll just tell you how pathetic you are and give you the tips to be awesome and godlike. I love being creative. I love fixing f@<ked up lives. It’s my hobby. And the greatest creation and the greatest “fix” is another god. That’s why I create gods.