Thursday, September 18, 2014

Questions and Bliss

I’m gonna ask you a question. What if I’m………not gonna ask you that question. Is that a problem? For some scum, not having a problem is a problem. The first Matrix movie says that humans understand and accept reality through pain. Thus we become slaves of pain. We work hard to get into pains called jobs so that we won’t be hurt so much. People feel comfortable when they know that they paid a price to get their comforts such as a 100,000 dollar car.

                                This is hilarious to me. Remember what I said about funerals. Yep, it’s all so pathetic. People go tagging various emotions on various things and suffer because of it. Why can’t you be happy when your dog dies. You don’t need a reason to be happy. There is no real absolute meaning in anything in our lives. We can do what we please. Only thing you have to care about is causality. You do whatever you want and face the outcome. That’s it about life.

                                                You don’t have to be sad because your mom died! Seriously, you suck if you do. If you are happy because you mommy didn’t die out of her heart attack; still you suck. If none of those things affect you and you are happy cuz you like being happy; then you rock. If humans understand the world through pain and dealing with pain in a zillion ways, what would you be when you completely ignore the problems and feel what you want to feel? That is dominance. That is the feeling of godhood. That is one of the things those pathetic drug addicts search in their miserable habits.

                        So what if I don’t ask you that question? Would it affect you? The questions are not there to affect you. If you do change when you face a question; you suck. A question is about self-exploration and self-centeredness. So are the so called problems of life. They are about exploring yourself. You have the answers. You don’t need to pray or scavenge for your answers. Explore yourself and understand you experience of reality. Just observe and you’d know the true nature of everything you call “real”. You make it real: just as you do with a dream.

                                                Haven’t you woken up being scared or with teary eyes after a dream? That’s how people under suffering and dealing with pain looks like to me. Taking care of lives problems are exactly the same as getting affected and all hyped up because of some dream. SO what is a dream? Isn’t it a delusion or something? Then why the f@<k would you react in any way. If there are no problems, it means you have nothing to do. Even engaging in a hobby is a small scale suffering. I mean don’t your hands hurt when you play a lot of games? Doesn’t your neck hurt while reading lot of books? Then being at rest should be one heaven of bliss, right? Just think about 24/7 meditation.

                                So do you really need that question I was gonna ask? Do you need a task to complete? Come on just chill. Be cool. Be awesome. Stop understanding and defining your life using pain and sufferings. Stop being affected by anything. Do the things you think that matter really matters? Be what you wanna be when you wanna be. decide who you are. Don’t be decided who you are through the random stuff that happen in your life such as losing a limb or death of parents or something. Be happy. Always be happy. Be happy as a decision; not as a petty reaction.