Friday, September 19, 2014

The Plan without a Plan

Then what is the plan… it’s called you; sometimes you+ your partners. That’s the best plan and also the easiest plan in application as a well as the rarest plan to be created. Making you “the plan” takes a lot of psycho-engineering. It’s not something that anyone can do. But the ones who can do it can reach the top with a lot of ease. When you are the plan, no event can shake you. When you don’t have a rigid plan/schedule to be followed, you’ll be planning everything on the spot on the go. Thus the plan will be more and more contextual and will also save a lot of time for you while making you ridiculously flexible.

                                                “Being the plan” is time consuming almost never ending process. “Being the plan” is bit like being a strategy player. Think about StarCraft or Civilization games. Try playing something like DotA 2. If that is too much, try some mini games from here. When you keep playing the game you become extra good at it. Trying to memorize all the tips and tricks and 200-300 page guides is a major pain and takes a lot of effort. Sometimes you can’t even think of something to do. If you play the game to learn and evolve from and through the game instead of playing like a mechanical idiot, you’ll get a hang of the huge load of the stuff all over the screen. The more you play the better you become.

                                                                                                If I summarize the idea, all I have to say is play some strategy games for a while. Observe and dissect that experience. Then use the same core principles in everyday planning. Simply put: stop planning and get ready to handle anything and out everything on your desired track. That’s all about it. This paragraph is all you need. Btu I can give some more insight.

                                                            A plan is preparing for something that isn’t even in the present. The universe is enwrapped in variables. Sure you can set your alarm to wake you up at A.M. but think about the number of things that could happen to your phone in the next 12 hours. What would you do then? Being the plan is like programing yourself to get up at the desired time. Even if your plan (if you had one) get screwed, you are totally fine. Think about all the time and effort this will save. You can put all the effort of planning into some other thing. Your efficiency will go above 100% cuz you are transcending the human ways and capacity for doing certain things.

                                                                                    What you need to know is how each element affects and interacts with each other. Everything is connected. So be connected. Don’t get into a cell created in your mind and spend all the time planning. Be like joker. Think about how he deals with everything in Dark Knight. That’s what being the plan means. You get to stay cool and you get to keep the upper hand over the rest of the society.

Be in the moment and learn from very moment. Don’t get so serious about having a proper plan. You don’t need a one. All you need is yourself with lots of templates. Think of LEGO pieces. When you get into playing with them you get to know how they produce their effects. Then you can make marvelous creations without any planning. You just start building and after some time you have something totally awesome and avant-garde.
Get to know the little parts. Keep the objective in mind. Start handling everything in small contextual levels and engineer what you want like Nano-engineers. Nanotech says: building the big thing sucks. Build the small ones to end up as the big thing. Then you’ll get something perfectly refined.