Friday, September 19, 2014


Before reading ask yourself why you are reading this. Not just this; ask it whenever you read anything. Not just for reading; ask “why” when you watch a movie, play a game, engage in any kind of activity. Always ask yourself why you are doing whatever you are doing.

                                      Why should you engage in any kind of activity? Should you do something just to pass time? Should you do something just for some short-lived fun? Should you do something just because everyone else is doing it? Here is a small advice: being the part of the crowd will take away everything from you.

                                                                   Now let me come at the question like this: Would you do something to be evolved? Would you do something to transcend who you are? Would you do something in order to stop being a petty Human 1.0? If you don’t answer “yes”, you shouldn’t be even on this blog.

                                                          Engage in activities that transform your life. Do the things that expand the horizons of your understanding. Knowing about the random stuff going on in the world or knowing about the celebrities or agony’s of some people in a corner of the earth isn’t gonna help you achieve anything. So find things that take you to the next level and keep doing them. Sometimes I have thought that it’s too difficult to watch hardcore psychological anime/movies every single time. But when you take a decision and stick to it, it’s a piece of cake. Just start living a life where you only do things that evolve who you are. Play games that make you ask question and explore your own mind with new experiences. Watch movies with great remarkability. Instead of watching some dumb chitchat on TV or YouTube, watch an interview with a successful personality or watch a documentary.