Saturday, September 20, 2014

Why I do Blogging

Why do you think I write this blog? Am I writing this to make your lives better and make you live an awesome life? Am I doing this because I want to help your lives? Am I doing all this out of compassion or altruism? HELL NO! Those “I want to help you and make your life better and ecstatic” things are none of my first priorities. See what’s on the top of the blog. I love creating stuff as much as Joker (in Batman) loves to break stuff. The greatest creator is a creator itself. So you are little Guinea Pigs of my Engkami project.

                                The main reason I push you “already smart alphas” beyond you limits and type stuff to transform you lives is to enjoy my time and improve my skills. The best way to learn is teaching. Writing this blog has helped me a lot in self-exploration and figuring out thing. Crating this blog has helped me immensely in presenting ideas and getting a better hang of the overload of my ideas. I discovered idea waves through typing this blog. The slickr-flikr is training field. I’m the chief type of a person. I initiate your transformations towards godhood for my own training and personal entertainment (cuz raves suck aka boring as Paranormal Activity) and do something that is gonna sick with me for the eternity (some call it karma, but some calls karma for things way out of what I mean)

Well…then there are secondary priorities such as adding more awesome-cool-elegant-dashing chiefs into the world and make your life’s problems vanish and make you immune to all forms of psychologically hazardous things such as tension and depression…………………….the list goes on. But mainly, it’s me perfecting myself and your awesomeness is and side effect. I’ve decided to keep this up for a long long time. Hope you guys will get the best out of my entertainment work.

For a third level priority, there is earning some extra cash thing. And finally I’m telling you to +1 and share my work around the world. It won’t help me much. But there are lots of people who will benefit from the things I do to kill time. Make sure that they reach my slickr-flikr. Find people like you who have the potential to understand what I say and be their own gods. Send them to the blog. If they get my methods: good for them.

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