Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Curiosity 1.61803399 opening teaser 2

Read the teaser 1 first. Be fascinated and don't forget to Bake the noodle.

“Note that zero effort is wasted on politeness markers. You wouldn’t get a plea. Slave mentality has been removed from all beings with great effort and utmost difficulty. Currently, such behavior is only seen among animals such as apes.”


“You are also informed that all forms of bribery have been identified as a massive threat for the well-being of all intelligent sentience. Not just physical but also emotional/psychological bribery is also included”

[You always asked things with a “plz”. In return you demanded others to say please. You considered it to be the righteous way; not some bribery.

                              You feel yourself to be some……lost cause. You open up yourself to the divine power. You always believed that there is good force judging things and making things right. You seek refuge under that force. JEHOVAH-TSIDKENOU or Allah or whatever it is, he should exist to govern the world or else things would be unfair.

                                    Your whole body is trembling and you are in a dilemma thinking whether to walk on knees or crawl like a lizard. You crawl a little bit and finally gather enough strength to walk on your knees. The thought of a divine authority gives you strength and courage. You notice this fact and begin to have more and more faith in the divine. You feel this to be some sort of a test. You decide to let go of the generic names and just call him the divine. You are agnostic about many things related to the subject. But you think you’ll find all the answers at the end. Yet you never think about how you’d find an end in this infinity.]

” The level of detail was augmented in the sim for the ease of study. Same things are not as detailed as what they really are and some things were over-intricate. The appearances of some of the things were also changed; especially some slight yet impactful changes to the face. Don’t worry. All the things that can reflect your body have been removed. You wouldn’t even see your face”

[You are in shock and desperation. Your forehead lies on the floor. But you don’t let your midsection touch the floor.]

”This will be a long process of purgation and rehabilitation. Please proceed forward.”