Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Slumbering flaws

You can always evolve and if you are smart enough, you do evolve yourself. But if you don’t truly stabilize it you might fall back. This is something that many had talked to me about. Read this previous article on slickr-flikr for some great insight.

When you figure out the great things to do and add them to your lifestyle, you become awesome. But the source might be still left and it might wake up if your mentality gets shaken. Even if you delete a file, it can still be recovered. You have to fill it completely in zeroes. Forcing yourself to do something is filling the space with random number. It’s not effective.
Trace the fundamental source of all problems and look at it in a visionary eye. You’ll always find a certain inclination as the source. If you don’t, then you haven’t looked deep enough. Then vomit that source. Look at it in every direction. Take fear of failure for an example. It happens because of your inclination to certain results/goal/ideals or something similar. Take out that inclination/bond and explore it in all ways. Take your time and make sure that you fully understand all aspects.

Then you have 3 question types. First question its permanence. All thoughts change. Nothing is static. Those goal or ideals aren’t eternal. Those feelings only last when we think (delude) that they exist. When you realize this, you’ll stop repairing your withering inclinations.

Then ask yourself whether it’s bringing you happiness or joy. Is it exciting to live with bonds, fears, self-humiliation and sufferings? Look deeper-go deeper. Keep asking yourself this question until you get sick of your bondage.

Then ask whether those inclinations are your identity. Do your fears tell who you are? Does your money tell who you are? Do your failures tell who you are? Do your inclinations tell you who you are? Are you anything other than who you think you are? Then why stick with those things.

This realization will actually make all sources of your sufferings and flaws non-existent. All your flaws will be gone like a candle that was blown. When you realize a mirage for what it is, the existence of the mirage doesn’t affect you at all. Nothing would happen to you because of the mirage. You wouldn’t even have to try to figure out whether it’s right to cling onto it or not. You’d simply be free and enlightened.