Wednesday, July 30, 2014

5 Tips to be Fearless

 Ø Be non-attached. If you are attached to something you’ll be afraid of losing that bond. When there is no attachment you wouldn’t face fear.

 Ø Be a loving kindly person. This makes you fear incompatible. When your conscious is all about love and kindness your mind will be numb for the stimulations of fear. Think you are completely involved in some serious work and someone jumps in and say Boooo. You’d just brush it off and mind your own business. At most of the things that make people afraid would just be and annoying pain in the ass for you.

 Ø Do not expect/wish things. Know the effects of your actions through your own wisdom. But don’t go wishing stuff to happen. A wish/expectation is a dumb fantasy. It provides lots of source material to spawn fears for you. If you fantasize that some God is watching over you ready to help you and expect/pray/wish him to save your ass in a pinch; you have already provided all the source material for a devil that is always up and ready to make sure that your life is f@<ked up.

 Ø Be open and wise. You can slice a man in two. If you have enough technical capabilities you can even slice a mountain. But can you slice a tornado into pieces? If you are open minded and doesn’t block anything that comes in, you wouldn't get hurt. People will tell you and teach you various things. When you don’t confront or hold on to them they will have no effect on you. Those random things wouldn’t scare you. When you are wise, you can see through everything and you can easily adapt and improve yourself. So when some disaster occurs, you would be licking your lips instead of running in terror/confusion because you know that you can handle it all. Eagles and hawks are only made better and skilled by the storm.

 Ø Stop giving a f@<k. This comes with a huge chunk of extra benefits. You’ll be extremely happy, free spirited and uncontrolled. This will make you the master at every single thing. Average people validate their existence through others. When you don’t give a f@<k, their worlds will be shaken and some might even turn into your personal bitches. All attempts to control you will be stopped when you make your markhard and clearly and radiate that you don’t care about what others care.