Sunday, July 20, 2014

Don’t let your intuition and awakening hurt you

Okay, intuition has lots of benefits and I totally love them. Intuition is the next step of evolution. But if a pre-school kid gets a top notch PC bad things could happen in the kid’s life. I never even thought that this could happen. But I stumbled upon this article which was quite hilarious at some points. This is what happens when some immature kid gets intuitive through second rate methods. Intuition and awakening is all about evolution and invincibility. It’s absurd to even think that awakening has its negative points which make you vulnerable. If you are already f@<ked up due to being intuitive or have second thoughts about taking a step into the next level here is a little guide for you.
                                                            Intuition should come out of realization and a shift of your way of perceiving the world. Awakening is not an upgrade. It’s all about transforming into a different being. Realization about the nature of the world is the key to intuition and awakening. It’s all about letting go of all the things that hold you back. If you don’t have that transformation within the core you will definitely get hurt. If you ride a legendary class horse, you must be a legendary class master. If not, you are destined to get hurt in the process.

                        If you find a method to get this marvelous horse called intuition and awakening and ride it to experience the world; I recommend you to completely ignore it and walk away as if there is no such thing. Become an amazing master and the horse will come to you. Here is a common myth: Intrusion makes you better and evolves you. It should be the other way around. Awakening is a side effect of your transformation. You don’t awaken yourself. When you elevate your consciousness, you become awakened. Learn the art of wu-wei. Take effortless actions. Just observe things. Don’t interact with things and stop trying to control everything. Just let go. Then you’ll start seeing the world for what it is.

                                                                        Knowing what the world really is will completely shatter all your views and knowledge about it. Your understanding will take everything away from you. Intuition and awakening occurs as a mere side effect of this enlightenment/realization. Then you won’t get affected by other people’s junky emotions/feeling just because you can sense them all. You wouldn’t get psychologically hurt at all. You will be psychologically immovable and unshakable. Unaffected unrestrained consciousness enables you to be intuitive. If you go for the intuition you are skipping the very foundation of it. Then your intuition will collapse on you and make you extremely hurt. This is why second rate methods which promote the side effects of a calm unaffected well mastered boundless consciousness are extremely hazardous.
                                                Forget about awakening and focus on seeing through the illusions that meets your eye. A camel sees water but a man sees mirage. What you need is a sanely insane mind. If you know how to control your insanity; and if you know Psycho-Engineering and how to be a chief you will naturally become intuitive. Don’t be a dumb ass who gets hurt because of your own evolution. Be a better person instead of trying to borrow the qualities of a more advanced being.  Be a god; not some crappy wannabe.