Sunday, July 13, 2014

Tips for your evolution 4

Regular idea sprints. This will increase your speed of coming up with new, avant-garde, useful, flexible and great ideas to an extent that you wouldn’t even think about. Personally, I can come up with great useful ideas faster than a person coming up with some fake gossip/rumors about a celebrity. This took me several years and you can also get similar results if you keep on taking idea sprints each and every possible moment for few years.

I’m not talking about coming up with some dumb crap. I’m talking about coming up with good ideas for 2 decades in a single year. This might seem way out of their league for many people. But this is only the minimum results. I’m not gonna limit anything, but I have to say that I’m not able to do more than 3.5 decades in a single year. As you can already see, you’ll also have to develop your prioritizing skills to a great extent too.

Put yourself in positions where you have no other option except for a good idea sprint. Push yourself to the limits and discover ways of coming up with great ideas with better quality and speed. Associate this with an idea overload + enhancements and you’ll always be getting simply too much of good ideas to work on. Learn to live with this transformed way of life of getting just too much……….