Friday, July 25, 2014

Tips for your evolution 7

Be extremely flexible. Your idea is not the only great idea out there. Making a cocktail can give better results or at least make your work/innovation much more unique and remarkable. Flexibility also helps a lot with dynamic situations. If you don’t have a rigid plan or plot, you cannot be taken out by surprise and you won’t ever face despair. Pick Up Artists knows this really well. A good PUA is an excellent example for the marvel of flexibility.

That’s not even all of it. Flexibility is a great catalyst for an idea sprint and an excellent tool for infesting other people’s ideas. Flexibility kills your ego and makes you super confident. You’ll be able to keep calm and be cool in most shocking situations. You’ll get to enjoy people panicking at your calmness. Some people asks me whether I’m on drugs to be so excessively (?) calm and unaffected by anything. Some takes it even further stating that even hardcore drug addicts are not as calm and static as I am. #kind of feel sorry about those retarded drug addicts who are wasting their money…..LOL#