Sunday, August 31, 2014

Why FAIL!!??

Failing till you succeed is a very common advice at the fingertips of anyone who know the subject of success. Failing till you succeed is admired and encouraged by many successful people who had went through a lot of harsh experiences. The method truly works. And of course it’s a major pain in the ass. When you go for something avant-garde and try to shake the world, you could fail… a lot. Read the above part again. If you are a regular reader or a newcomer who has a lot of wisdom, you should find something flawed about the above statement. If you know your way around Quantum Mechanics and Quantum computing, you already know that this is the worst advice of all that brings marvelous results.

                                                Yeah, fail till you succeed and you will become a legend. You will leave your mark. But you’ll also go through hell. If you want to go to a place walking will definitely get you there. But wouldn’t you prefer a limousine or something. Don’t be so concentrated on your work. Know your place. Know your context. Know what works for the audience. The main reason for people’s failure is not understanding the context. You are not the only sentience out there. You should understand how other people react. You have to be flexible. You must care about your approach as much as you care about your work.

                                                                             Remember what I’ve said about Dark City and Matrix. Dark City failed because of the wrong approach. What you do maybe great but people have to get it. You have to understand your context. Just think about how GAINAX handled Neon Genesis Evangelion and Gurren Lagann. Both of the stories feature similar way of storytelling such as dropping the hints for the viewer to figure out the half of the story including the most vital parts and divine looking scenes where you have to work your brain to the limits to figure out how it becomes scientific.

                                                          They are both highly successful anime. At the first glance they might be even seen as complete opposites. But from deep within they are pretty much same. Times had changed and GAINAX also changed their approach. Both of them are not properly understood by many but for different reasons. Both of them are very popular but for different reasons. Yet it is the same awesomeness.

                   If you change your ways of even doing the same thing, your success can change drastically. So be wise to slip into the minds of your chosen audience. Know what gets them into your work. You can’t expect everyone to get what you say or do. Put them in a journey that they would understand you. The final duels of Matrix Revolutions and Gurren Lagann has enough philosophy to fill a 500+ page book. If they were presented as a chat with the Architect (in Matrix) people wouldn’t have liked it. Instead the creators put the viewers in a journey. The some got it. Some got a part of it. And some didn’t. In the end, they became highly successful and popular.

                                                Next thing is knowing when to quit/stop. Be attentive. When you see that you are gonna go downhill, hit the brakes and lower your priorities. Give more places to alternatives. See how far you can you can go. Be a good analyzer. Be wise and see before it happens. The time doesn’t even exist. There are only causes and effects. When you know the details about your context you can figure out what is gonna happen in the future. This is why Steve Jobs kept succeeding in his work. He never failed when he introduced something completely new.

                                                                                      Your work affects and involves the world around you. Understand the world. Be flexible and adapt your work for your audience. Always be ready to hit the brakes and consider your chances. Analyze and know how things would turn out in the future. Be like a Pick Up Artist. Know and use your surroundings. You don’t have to fail. You’ll have to refine your work through experiences. But these methods had never failed me. I always succeed. Things won’t always turn out to be a complete hit. But you wouldn’t be failing if you pay attention to your context. Don’t separate yourself from the world. See it as an extension of yours. Break the fourth wall and incorporate your world into to your work.