Friday, August 22, 2014

Keep your standards high

You are gonna completely waste your life unless you have really high standards for yourself. Let me tell you why. There are so many things in this world. If your standards are low, you wouldn’t be filtering out much of those things. This will lower your chances with getting hooked up with the best of the best stuff out there. That would suck. Some lame piece of trash will say that it’s okay as long as what you get is not bad. Well, let me ask you this: “what kind of a f@<ked up shithead would ignore a chance to get an Alienware laptop because he/she has already got some low/mid-range laptop which is working just fine!!!”

                                                                Don’t be so pathetic. Empty your mind from all those trash about anything that is not a top-notch marvel. Yeah, this will make you feel like you are losing a lot which you possessed. Don’t be idiotic enough to not understand that is a great thing to throw all the trash away. Don’t delude yourself that something okay for that moment is okay to get hooked on. Only something that is worth being hooked up for a lifetime is worth getting hooked up for once.

                                If you have an average BMW or a Benz, don’t be unhappy about it. Understand and accept that your BMW doesn’t really worth much. But never create any conflict with it and never try to lower your standards to consider a $200,000 car as much of a big deal. The same goes for your clothes, equipment, confidence, hobbies/interests, stuff you engage in and people you sleep with. Simply put if your man/woman is not worth f@<king with a passion, every single day regardless of the men/women that you see (for real/as photos or videos) in your lifetime, I say there is no worth in that relationship as partners and should be immediately ceased.

                                                        That is a small Eg. for what a proper standard means. Having these standards will simplify your life to a great extent by removing all the non best of the best things out of your life. You will interact with less people and you will have a lot less interests and those which remain with you will be the best in the world.

                        Having these high standards will make your life totally worthy to be called a splendor. It will save you from lot of dilemma when it comes to choosing things. All of the human 1.0 will be afraid of your standards and will definitely say that you are just too much. If you feel like you have completely transcended their lowly mindset and if every single one of the standards of the rest of the world as pathetic/laughable/boring/too dumb and feel like staying out of the conversation……then only you can call yourself a man/woman of standards.