Thursday, August 21, 2014

Make people leave your life

Most of the people in your life are just background noise. Make them detach from you. Don’t waste your time throwing them out. Make them leave you all by themselves and prevent such people from entering your life. I always end up with the best people in any given situation. Not just that. I always have an almost perfect equilibrium in the contexts that I have control on. I’ll give you some insight using my experiences. This is not some methodical crap. Read>>get what I’m trying to say>>live it and know it>>then improve it.

                                    First of all stop trying to decide who stays with you and who should be out of your life or how your interaction level should be with them. This way is inefficient. Let them decide it; put the things in place that they would decide it by themselves and act accordingly. What you have to do is simple. But it’s also very tricky. All you have to do is express yourself while being fully conscious of the context you are in. Do not take expressing yourself as anything significant. Handle it like breathing. Just do it naturally and effortlessly. But know to control your breath at hazardous environments. (This is the tricky part)

                                                                        When you start expressing yourself completely, you will experience more and more people getting detached from you. People will keep away from you. Not many people will be looking forward for your company. You’ll be more and more isolated. There will be few people left around you. Those are the ones who are best for your life and also the ones who are most compatible with you. The few who are looking forward or your company will love you and even get addicted to your company and might work hard to be around you or make you stay around them.

                                                Expressing yourself is not a process. It’s just a single small thing to do. Getting the best out of it is very tricky. You have to understand how others tick. You can understand it by observing yourself and using what you realize about your consciousness to cold read everyone else. There is a specific amount people can digest at once. So you should have a proper equilibrium since it is a two way communication. Expressing yourself is not enough. The other person has to perceive it and get everything properly into his/her head.

                                                                        Another thing is being smart to pass through the obstacles. If you know that your physics teacher is teaching a complete pile of trashy delusions, don’t go saying it loud or you’ll face some serious problems. Interact with your teacher as if you are a good respectful kid to keep that idiot from messing with your life. Talk to the people who have the potential of understanding you and you will end up being respected immensely, behind the back of your teacher. Remember to keep unnecessary annoyances and intervention out of your life until you can flush them down the toilet.