Friday, August 22, 2014

Watch your approach

This is related to making the high impact. To make a powerful impact you need a dashing approach. By dashing I mean something that would outshine everything/everyone in the job; not showing off. Let your work make you the anomaly. Then you’ll be outshining everyone else cuz they’ll be looking at you. Approach plays a vital part here. You can win a race even with a bad start, but it’s gonna be really hard. If you don’t take a dashing approach things will get harder. Be smart enough to not to be hard.

                                       Let’s say that you are an all happy, tension/depression free, enlightened person who enjoys the life to the fullest in your way without giving a f@<k about a single thing. If you go and meet people wearing shitty clothes, average shoes, messy hair and a beard (if you are a male) people wouldn’t perceive you as a big deal until they get to know you well. Guess what: after seeing that approach of yours, they don’t want to.

                                                            Not giving a f@<k is not a detachment. It’s a side effect of a realization. Many idiots with some pre-mature enlightenment grabs the fire instead of the lamp and burns their hands in various pathetic ways. To come to this realization I recommend understanding the Quantum Information Theory of QM. If you are on a more advanced level of understanding, go for the core teachings of Buddha. Lots of Buddhist priests add so much bullshit into Buddha’s teachings and completely destroy the original content. So be careful.

                                                                                                When you realize that everything is completely valueless and understand that every sensory input is just a perception of mere changes of the “state” of things, you start letting go of everything just as you let go of playing the superhero as a kid. Then you start living with this understanding. Then you can look at the mindless society from above it. Then you can know and see how it ticks. When you desire an effect you know how to go and cause it.

                                                                                    Take the above example. You may be the all singing all dancing crap of the world. But a homeless drug addict or some girl/guy from a poor pathetic family would also look the same. Don’t present yourself as a V-12 engine in an antique car. Have an approach that radiates that you are a completely awesome person. If you let go of everything through deep understanding you should know how to do it better than anybody. If you are above all the restrictions and sicknesses of the society; SHOW IT!!!

                                    Wear something that is not worn by average people. It doesn’t have to be a $2000 suite. You can design a simple T-Shirt with something on it that nobody dares to wear. Eg: you are a guy going to get a girl. Go to a place where there are many girls in decent clothes that expresses who you are (at least to some extent) and on you T-shirt, print something like “I love banging lezbian couples”

                                                            Many things will happen. You’ll take the place by a storm and everyone will look at you in awe. Most of the crappy girls would get scared away and you’ll be ready to be severed by best chicks in the place. The best thing is you are not taking any effort. If you like FFM sex, go and express that you love it. Most importantly be comfortable with it and show that you consider it to be as normal as biting and apple.

                                                                                    Understand the context before expressing yourself and when you take your approach, make it elegant as shining heavens. It’s all just a game; a playground. Know it to be as meaningless as a video game. Know how things tick and make you mark.