Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Start with the topic

A good topic that you can handle is all you need to start your work on. You don’t have to wait till you sketch a plan or come up with 5 good powerful points. You don’t need a great deal of research or a diagram that describe how things should go on with your work. Take some time and pick a suitable and compatible topic for yourself or for your team.

                                    If you carefully choose your topic, everything else will happen naturally if you stay on the track without losing your momentum. Your mind can go on from point to point and build up everything for you. Actually this method will be far more successful than a planned project because you’ll be completing a project you dreamt few days or even few seconds ago instead of completing something from the distant past. Even a week is enough to completely change one’s character. Every time I look back 3 months, I feel myself to be evolved and I feel my 3 months older self to be naïve. If you have stayed with this blog for a while or have had some good evolution tips, you should be getting a similar feeling.

                                                                                                            You should be able to figure out few such advantages of this method. But of course as all great things such as nuclear energy, life hacks, forbidden knowledge etc. should be handled carefully or you’ll be completely f@<ked. When picking the topic, you have to take your time, stay calm and choose carefully; especially if you are going for a long term project. Make sure to choose something that you are compatible with and be very specific. Think you are going to write a song. Pick a topic that you can handle really well. If you talk and think a lot about courage, pick a topic that is related to courage.

                                                                        You don’t have to think about anything else. After creating a good topic, stare at it and have an idea sprint. You will come up with more than what you wanted in the first place. Once I picked a good topic with some themes that I’m good with to write a short story. After about 40 pages, I think I’ll have to write another 700-800 pages.  You may start intending to write a single song and end up with an album. Your mind can go on from one idea to the next and explore and conquer great amount of area. All you need to control is your mind. You don’t control every single movement of your horse when riding. All you control is its speed and direction.

                        Don’t wait and waste your time trying to come up with something avant-garde. Decide what you want to create. Don’t go deciding random stuff. Decide something you can cause. Then stick to it with absolute determination. If A=B, A+C=B+C and you wouldn’t think about anything else no matter what you are told and what you are faced against. That is absolute determination. If someone tells you that you are not breathing would you accept? You don’t accept because you know that you’d be breathing even if you don’t put any effort to it. If your topic includes things that your mind explores naturally, your intentions will be accomplished naturally. Take your time and decide what to be. Don’t try; just be.