Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Backdoors, Cheats and Hacks

Have you ever played GTA or another game that is like GTA? What’s your first choice of difficulty if you are in a game for the experience and story? For the most of the people GTA is best played with cheats. Boss battles are best fought when using the flaws of the game to tackle the boss. A story is enjoyed best with the lowest difficulty. You only leave this setting when you want to compete. But what’s there to compete in your real life. The world is your Disneyland. Why compete? Why can’t you just have fun?

                                                There is a standard procedure for everything, like how GTA should be played for real. But that sucks. Only worth of doing that is competing with someone or maybe yourself. Why would you try to build up an image and live like how humans should live? The average human life is nothing but phenomena like the rain, growing of trees, melting of glaziers. People who ignore the rules lives awesome lives and enjoy themselves. When you get a chance to do it easily and with minimum effort which would make you feel almost sorry for the rest of the world, go grab the chance in the right time. That’s the real fun stuff of your life.

                                                                                                Some are so pathetic that they want to suffer so that they can enjoy their lives. Their theory is if you don’t eat bad food, you wouldn’t know how the good the good food actually is. This is very immature and pathetic. Who cares about how good their life is compared to others: well……the idiots. Have your own standards. Don’t depend on anything outside of you for definitions of how things should be. Be the god and decide for yourself;. Be the architect and engineer your consciousness so that you can go through anything in the most efficient and most enjoyable way.

                                    True enjoyment should be seen with wisdom; not by comparison. This wisdom to know the real joy comes from self-awareness. The society-conscious shit wouldn’t be able to see it. When you see it, go get it. You will find so many tricks along the way. The world is going in a bad direction and people are trying to make it a better place so that they can make their lives better. You can make this context to be your paradise. The New World Order can be used as a great opportunity.

                                                                                    These kinds of life hacks will make you feel pity at the rest of the world and will definitely make you constantly laugh (not loud; Just a small one). This means you are awesome and godlike. Don’t try to give up your opportunity and be with the trash doing things I their worthless ways. Life hacks are available in almost every single situation. Using life hacks is like Neo showing off in the Matrix. You don’t have to be pathetic enough to dodge bullets simply because bullets are made to be fast so that they would hurt men/women before they get a chance to dodge.

                                    How that works in real life. Well here is an example. This has been successfully used in many occasions. There is a hot girl. Every guy is trying to impress her. You can give her the best impression and ask her to come with you. But in some contexts you can simply walk in>> take her hand gently and take her away as if you are already one of her closest persons in life (i.e.:  dad, mom, brother, BF, GF)

                                                                        That’s how awesome life can be if you let it be. Whenever you see a chance to do something that is transcending the human ways, you can know it to be the fun stuff of this theme park. Life provides many backdoors to success. Everything is fair and square cuz causality is all that there is. All you have to do is cause it. Any miracle can be plan your next miracle aka life hack.