Thursday, September 4, 2014


Still there are some idiots who think marketing is about what you say. Effective marketing does happen from what you do. But the perfect marketing is the marketing that is more than 100% efficient. Marketing is about what you plant. It’s about the chain reactions you initiate. Simply put, it means making your customers do the marketing.

                                                                        Look at Facebook, Google, EA and such companies. Facebook created a good fan base of few millions. Those few million had their fun and those people asked and insisted people they know to join Facebook. People used to use Google search and started to call it Googling instead of searching. This gave a lot of promotion to Google search. One kid comes to the school with a Pok√©mon trading card pack and now everybody in the class needs a one. Think about Lamborghini, Ferrari and etc. they give their customers something to brag about. They give them very exclusive designs, high prices and other trivia to talk about. So the customers go showing off the Ferrari’s products everywhere. Just think about the things a person would do after buying a 0.5 million dollar car.

                                                                                                            This is the sort of things you have to do. You just have to give your customers something to brag about. When the iPhone and iPad came out, the customers could go and show off their gadgets to everyone. It was a refreshing experience. Apple Inc. doesn’t put much of money for their advertising campaigns because fans of Apple do a lot of promoting. You don’t have to be world famous to pull this off. There was a restaurant which became highly popular because it was built over an old cemetery. It’s a fascinating experience for the customers.

                                                Many people go to Wal-Mart or Wal-Mart equivalents because they know everything is cheaper there. Everyone tells about it to the people they know and everyone becomes subscribers. Not many people leave Windows and move to a different OS. When kids are taught to use PCs they are taught to use Microsoft Office. Just think why???

                                                                                    Marketing is about affecting the mentality of people. First you have to approach them in a way that you can enter deep into their minds. Then you conquer their minds by giving them what they would enjoy. Remember this to be a partnership. You are creating a pact with your customers. Make them a part of your work. Give them all you can to talk about and they will talk about you. That’s all there is to marketing. That’s how games like Dark Souls became popular. CoD and Halo was marketed by people who loved its multiplayer and wanted to play it with friends.

                                    Instead of showing people how much you care about them, give them something to talk about. Have your specific targets. Mass marketing is a total waste. Always work with a mindset which thinks of your customers as business partners. You give them what they love plus all new refreshing experiences and they start a promotion campaign for you. Many of your customers may not do a lot. But remember, ocean is just a multitude of small drops of water collected at a single place.

                                                                                                Be the chief. Don’t make it happen by yourself. Plant some good seeds. Take care of your customers. Everybody talks about visiting Disneyland because they enjoy the experience. Make your campaign involve your customers. Think a bit about how much you were connected to those 4th wall breaking games and movies. Break the barriers between you and you targets. Sex and relationships are at its best when it’s approached as a team play.  

                                                                        Forget all the overcomplicated bullshit taught about marketing. Marketing is about communication and you don’t have to learn anything about communications just like you don’t have to learn to f@<k. think about something that made you talk hyped up and talk with your friends. Analyze and know what made you act in such a way. Then go and create it. Initiate a chain reaction. Marketing is not just your job; but also the job of the customers who use your products/services.

Promoting something is not about: this is awesome. Come get it. Thank you.

It’s all about: come, see and enjoy. Let your friends know about us too. If you come again you’ll have a good time. That’s what happen in Disneyland and the whole world is your Disneyland.