Friday, September 5, 2014

Create like a Torrent

You might hit a roadblock once in a while when you are engaged in creative work. It might get difficult to have a good flaw and progress. You might not be able to come up with the required level of ideas. You might end up frustrated. Even idea overloads and idea sprints might look like it takes too much time if you are not a skilled think tank. That’s when you can learn something from torrents.

                   I happen to notice the similarity between the way I create and the way torrents are downloaded. When things are slow torrents become a great blessing. Torrents are fast because they don’t go from the beginning to the end. When your work is vast it’s unwise to go from the start to the finish. Idea sprints and overloads were founded while creating ideas; not creating a specific idea. Those techniques can drench you in a tsunami of ideas which is sometimes too much to handle. But every idea doesn’t fir where you are.

                                  If you construct a 500 page novel from 25-30 places at once, it’s easy for you to come up with an idea that fits your slot cuz you have a 30 of them instead of just one. You’ll come up with a new idea while living your daily life and you’ll be able to incorporate that idea into your work. Sometimes your 500 pages might end up getting close to 1000. I’ve started short stories which couldn’t even finish 10% of the story even after 50 pages.

                        Another advantage is that you know where you are going. You won’t be like: okay I did this part and now what?!! You one huge task will be broken into several micro-tasks. It’s always easier to connect 2 nearby dots. You’ll have a good roadmap. Things will also have a good flow. Think about an advertising campaign. If you are creating both the first phase and final phase simultaneously, there will be a great connection between them. A long set of campaigns will feel like a one big event. Nothing in your creation will seem isolated. There are many awesome Marvel super heroes. But none of the movies were as successful as Avengers. You should notice the flow of everything in the movie.

                                      If you are stuck with your work, the reason may be your idiocy of forcing your creativity on one thing. Learn from the torrents you download regularly. Start from multiple places at once and start filling the gaps. This is the best way to create massive works of sheer awesomeness unless you can’t handle being too awesome. If you can’t handle a good cognitive load, this might not be the thing for you. If you don’t like getting more than you intended to create, this isn’t for you. But if you are the person who wants to break your own standards of creativity and awesomeness, this is the path if you haven’t already taken it.