Saturday, September 27, 2014

Waking from the Coma

The world is on a coma. The population is giving away all their energy and become mere batteries for the society. The Matrix makes a perfect allegory of this phenomenon. You can't unplug everyone and you are not obliged to do so. You are not even obliged to fight the system. Just let it be and enjoy your time. But remember that there are ones who can wake up from the coma and some are even wanting to do so. But they need some push. I'll call them the Human 1.5

These 1.5s need a push. They need someone to guide them and someone to hold their hands during their metamorphosis. If you just drop some hints and wait for them to discover, these 1.5s wouldn't go more than half the way. You need to inject these people with enlightenment. There were priests who became arhats just after hearing some verses or while doing some simple activities. But many didn't evolve themselves like that. You are not a Buddha. You are not a person discovering ways to help other people be enlightened. But there are some people you can help.

When you see someone ready to go beyond where they are but unable make it on their own, be a guide. It's fun to have enlightened people around you. Your life will get more beautiful and enjoyable. Some pets can be trained to do awesome things. Some men can be molded into emperors and some can be made gods. If you enjoy something as insignificant as training a parrot into a talking parrot, think about how fun it would be to guide and train someone into a godlike existence or at least an emperor of his/her desired field.

Remember what I said about me doing this blog. This blog is more suited for the ones who can self-evolve. But many needs guidance. They need a big push. They need a climax and a turning point to change their lives. Not everyone can burn themselves in their own flames and Psycho-Engineer themselves. They might not even elevate themselves into your state of awesomeness. But you'll at least get better Humans around you. 

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